Page Slugs

Hi guys!

This is my first post in the ContentBox group. First off…fantastic work everyone! I’m loving ContentBox so far. Woot!

I’m just been tinkering in the admin a bit and had a few questions.

  1. I created a new page and gave it a slug named ‘services’. I published the page then browsed to the new page and it slug was ‘services-09f01’ instead of ‘services’. Is this just the revision history? How to I make it so it’s just ‘services’.

Also, the default Home page shows the blog feed. If I just wanted the default page of the site to be a normal page and not the blog, how would I do that?




The slug is auto appended if found already not sure why that happened.

To change the home page you do this in the settings page.

I figured this out. I had accidentally created a page with the same slug and the page was saved as a draft.