Passing named anchors

Have a question,

I have a need where someone clicks on a button that launches a help
file and moves to a named anchor. What I would like to do is route
this through the framework.

Unfortunately not sure how to do.

So if I have a link like

<a href="index.cfm?event=ehGeneral.dspHelp##firstStep"
target="_formHelp"><img /></a>

how would I pass that. Obviously if I do a direct call

<a href="/views/common/myhelppopup.cfm##firstStep"
target="_formHelp"><img /></a>

This works, but obviously is outside framework.


I think you need to execute a javascript-call when page is loaded.

So you're url should be sth like:

At the end of the view, which is called from hanlder: ehGeneral.dspHelp,
call a javascript function like:

function jumpToAnchor() {
   window.location = window.location + "# #rc.anchor#";

I mean:

<script type="text/javascript">
      window.location = window.location + "# #rc.anchor#";