Path Configuration Issues

I'm working with another developer on our website. Here's how he has the coldbox 3.1 app set up - he runs it from his Windows dev sandbox as; the setup is the same as on my Windows server where the live site will be run like so:

I'm trying to get the application to work on my OS X laptop so I can do my work before pushing out to the git repository. I have everything located within /Library/Webserver/Documents; I'm using Apache2. And I access the app as: ColdBox is at the root level within Documents, as is sitebeta.

When I go to, I get the plain vanilla view, but the stylesheet isn't applied. Here's how the link looks like: <link href="/includes/styles/adminstyles.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

My developer says that SES is turned on and AddAsset function is being used.

Here's the configuration in Application.cfc:

     COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH = getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath());
     COLDBOX_APP_KEY = ""; = hash(getCurrentTemplatePath());
     this.sessionManagement = true;
     this.sessionTimeout = createTimeSpan(0,2,0,0);
     this.setClientCookies = true;
     this.applicationtimeout = createtimespan(1,0,0,1);

     // Mappings Imports
     this.mappings["/model"] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & "model";
     this.mappings["/"] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH;
     import coldbox.system.*;

How can I get this fixed so the links work properly?

Hi Lola,

Try adding this to the head tag:

and reference this stylesheet like this:

Additionally you could also setup a local alias like - which points to in Apache and access the site, and that might resolve the issue.