Please test our 2.2.0 release candidate

Jon, thanks for the feedback. I agree a convention would be nice, but literally no one would agree in what it should be. The best we might do is a configurable default.

Can you put in a ticket for the run command? Right now, it is parsed by the CommandBox parser so the entire command has to be in a string or commandbox sees multiple parameters. I can change that, but I’ll have to override the parameter parsing for all run commands which will require some special treatment.

Also, make sure your not confusing CommandBox’s rm command with your os’s rm command. In CommandBox, it would be
rm data --force --recurse

Thanks for reminding me about the default heap sizes. We can probably default it to 512mb. What do you about that?

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I think 512MB matches the Lucee express defaults and is enough to get a newbie started with a few modules and a few ORM entities, if they wish. Perfect.

I actually wasn’t aware that there was an internal version of rm in CommandBox. I thought it was falling back to an OS command when it didn’t find an internal command. Now that error makes much more sense.

In an perfect world, I could keep one tab open and use CommandBox to toggle between different background tasks going on - some OS, some Commandbox, some just to run OS commands. Usually, I have three tabs open at all times:

  1. CommandBox
  2. Grunt or Gulp running watch tasks
  3. A standard console terminal for OS commands and Git stuff.

If I’m working with a MongoDB app, that increases to 4 or 5 tabs for mongod and mongo shell.

CommandBox can’t run those watch and console output OS commands at the moment, because it doesn’t write output to the screen until the task completes. No biggie, but would be kind of sweet, though to multi-task like that in one screen. A guy can always dream big… :slight_smile:

Preside commands all working with 2.2.0 for me and experienced no issues so far :slight_smile:


Thanks Dom. I released 2.2.0 last night and I’ll blog the release notes today.



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