possible bug or simple mistake on my part?

I am using the latest version of coldbox from github.

I have a property set at the top of my model that grabs the Renderer plugin.

I am using the renderLayout function to return back both the layout & view data into a variable where I am passing that information into an email that I am sending thru PostMarkApp.com.

var pm = postmarkapp.setAPIKey(postmarkapikey);



pm.setSubject(‘My Subject’);




However, when I set the HTMLBody or TextBody, the only data that is there is the Layout correctly rendered without the view data.

I tried changing the view to a fake name to see if an error would happen but it does not. However if I change the layout to a fake name, I immediately get an error.

The postmarkapp works correctly as I can pass a string of HTML or Text without any problem but it appears that RenderLayout isn’t adding the view information.

Here is data within my Layout

Some Website


Here is the data within my View

Thank-you for subscribing

  • Me

Here is what I get back in my email

Some Website

Some Website

Any ideas?

Jeremy R. DeYoung
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The problem is that you are not using the arguments.view in your layout. Change it to this so you can do passthrough for views:

Some Website


The passthrough allows you to render directly from layouts if passed.

Do you have a better way to render a layout for an email template & view for that email? Or is this the way you would suggest?

Jeremy R. DeYoung
Phone: 615.261.8201

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Well, this is what I use to tell you the truth, since I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I use the coldbox layout manager, and view renderings. I can even add some caching to it if needed.