Possible enhancements for VirtualEntityService

Couple of possible enhancements for VirtualEntityService.

1: log (ColdBox logger should be available there )
       So in my service then I can do like this log.warn("message");

2: coldbox --- So I can do like this in my service object

The both objects will be in VirtualEntityService and also in our
service layer objects, simply we don;t need to inject ourself.

If you like the suggestions then Please vote.



I do like them. Presently I find myself injecting the plugins/
settings I need a lot by using <cfproperty name="QueryHelperPlugin"
persistent="false" inject="coldbox:plugin:QueryHelper"
scope="variables" /> or <cfproperty name="MySetting"
persistent="false" inject="coldbox:setting:MySetting"
scope="variables" />.

My concern would be that it would couple your model to your ColdBox,
but I guess if your already extending the virtualEntityService, that
coupling is already there.

Any other thoughts?

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How