Preferences Bug: Can anyone verify this?

So as I was extending the preferences screen I found the need to edit a user that was not my profile ( meaning, not the account I was logged in as ). So I navigated to the users / manage. I clicked the gear and edit another user in the system. This puts me to a url like:

This happens to get me to the Editing for that particular user. All seems right, however when I click over to the preferences tab, I noticed that the preferences that I saved under my own profile are showing up in edited users profile ( user 32 ).

I’m not sure why this is happening on the preferences screen when editing other users. Can anyone verify that this is in fact a bug and is happening to others?

This bug only seems to be effecting the preferences screen. Other tabs and other attributes seem to be working fine.


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It sounds like one.

Can you describe what it is your doing to notice this, I changed the user preference for ckEditor and it works as expected.

It’s ok I see it now, when I load the user preferences back up, the settings where changed.

Yep found the issue.

In the contentbox-admin module under views you will find listPreferences.cfm and you will see code like this.

However I have changed the code to correctly use the right author object, there maybe more places this is needed.

#html.startFieldset(legend=“User Preferences”)#
#html.hiddenField(name=“authorID”,“preference.editor”, label=“Favorite Editor”, options=prc.editors, class=“width98”,“editor”, “”),wrapper=“div class=controls”,labelClass=“control-label”,groupWrapper=“div class=control-group”)#“preference.markup”, label=“Favorite Markup”, options=prc.markups, class=“width98”,“markup”, “”),wrapper=“div class=controls”,labelClass=“control-label”,groupWrapper=“div class=control-group”)#

#html.textfield(name=“preference.twitter”, label=“Twitter Profile”, class=“textfield width98”, value=**“twitter”, “”),**wrapper=“div class=controls”,labelClass=“control-label”,groupWrapper=“div class=control-group”)#
#html.textfield(name=“preference.facebook”, label=“Facebook Profile”, class=“textfield width98”, value=**“facebook”, “”),**wrapper=“div class=controls”,labelClass=“control-label”,groupWrapper=“div class=control-group”)#
#html.textfield(name=“”, label=“Google+ Profile”, class=“textfield width98”,“google”, “”),wrapper=“div class=controls”,labelClass=“control-label”,groupWrapper=“div class=control-group”)#“preference.sidebarState”, label=“Show Sidebar”, options=“yes,no”, class=“width98”, selectedValue=**“sidebarState”, “no”),**wrapper=“div class=controls”,labelClass=“control-label”,groupWrapper=“div class=control-group”)#


<cfif prc.oAuthor.checkPermission(“AUTHOR_ADMIN”) OR EQ prc.oAuthor.getAuthorID()>

#html.endFieldSet()# #html.endForm()#

Thanks for the report. I’ve added an issue for this, if you want to track it:

Yeah, that is what I noticed also when I was digging through it. So the prc.oAuthor should be changed to

Marco G. Williams

Information Technology Manager

Global Electronic Technology

949.380.0345 x209