PreHandler in Handler never running

So I came across something interesting today that has me stumped, as I am under the impression that if I have this in the handler

public void function preHandler(event,action) output=false{

var rc = event.getCollection();

var prc = event.getCollection(private=true);

throw(type=“advertiser controller”, message=“The advertiser Id was not found.”);


Then this should just be throwing an exception when any action in that handler is run, well it appears that this is not happening as this exception is never been thrown. So when I went into this further I went to the docs for an answer, and found nothing that could explain this. So I decided to remove my interceptor from the code and ran the handler and low and behold it is now being thrown.

Is this by design or is this a known issue?

I have code that is specific to the handler, and I need it in there and not in an interceptor. So is there something that either I might be doing wrong, or something that ColdBox might be doing wrong that needs to be addressed here?


Andrew Scott