Previous Event or referring URL

Before I go and write something, I had a quick look at the docs and didn’t see anything that fitted what I am looking for. And I am sure someone also asked this question before, and I don’t see anything in the group.

So my question is that I am in need to see what the previous URL was, for example I might be doing a login or another form input. The first thing I want to do is see if the event was an actual ColdBox event, and also want to see what event has the current event been called from.

I am aware I can write this, but I was just checking to see that I am not missing something within the framework first.

I don’t think ColdBox offers a baked in solution. The only caution I would take is not to trust the CGI values as they can be spoofed if this logic is important to the business. I’d store the previous event on the server side using the Flash scope.

Aaron Greenlee

Thanks Aaron I did look and didn’t see anything, and I agree with the cgi stuff I actually planed to use code that I have used in the past, provided that there wasn’t anything in CB already.

Maybe this is something that could be baked in CB… Luis?

Yea I think I will update the env detection to use inetadress instead of cgi. I actually thought it wa using inetaddress. So ticket created and will be fixed

Luis, you sure about inetAddress?

I don’t understand how that is going to get a previous event or referring event?

Oops wrong thread.