Problem with Conventions

Playing around with conventions and have discovered this.

_controllers _plugins _layouts _views

Works, but the following will only error when it tries to run the event/view/ or whatever.

test/_controllers test/_plugins test/_layouts test/_views

Create the directory and it will flow through, but as indicated it won’t run the event.

Interesting convention. I will check it out Andrew.


I have created a ticket for it until we find out if it is solvable or not.

If it helps, I did do some debugging to try to find it myself.

in the example that I gave. the handlerList is the full path of the handler, yet when it is not a normal it is the name of the handler say main.index or something like that.

I changed ReFindNoCase to ContainsNoCase which finds the handler, but then errors further down. In the hahdlerRequest

Hope that helps.