Problem with Installing ContentBox

I am trying to install ContentBox on my site:

I set up the database and the datasource connection.

The datasource connection name was not “contentbox” which has worked before. It is not working. See attachments: ContentBox Datasource Wizard.pdf and Failed to open page.pdf.

I change my datasource name to “contentbox”. It is still not working with a different error. See attachment: Oops.pdf.

ContentBox works sometimes. What am I doing wrong?

Eric D. Brass Sr.

ContentBox Datasource Wizard.pdf (127 KB)

Failed to open page.pdf (29.7 KB)

Oops.pdf (103 KB)

The exception means that it cannot connect to your database using that datasource. Maybe the database is down


Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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