Problem with the admin and url of web site

I have an issue where I reported this a little while back, and the problem just went away. No it is back and it is not just effecting me, but it is effecting my site with the Social aspects of Google and their search engine.

What I have been noticing is that the base href is stripping the www from the domain name, this causes issues with Open Graph and Google Authorship, because when google is indexing my site it is sometimes picking up the right site and other times it is the wrong site, which means the google authorship is becoming invalid for those indexed pages.

I am at a loss to explain this, because I can not find how this is happening. In the exact same manner that when the index.cfm is being added to the dashboard url and in the login page, I can’t seem to find out how that is happening either. But I am willing to bet that they are related.

I will also add that when I open the browser up and type the domain with the url, for the dashboard, it is automatically redirected without the www to the same domain. Looking at the rules I don’t see how it can do that.

Hmm, yea that seems for of a web server issue then. What controls the URLs creations are found in the routes.cfm, whatever domain you give there, that is what’s being used. I would check your A records for www and also I create some rewrite rules in my apache domains so if you go to it rewrites it to I believe it is a best practice to use the fully qualified domain.

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Hang on a minute…

Are you saying that this is not a ColdBox issue and that it is my server at fault?

ColdBox is setting the base href to, I am typing www, ContentBox is redirecting me back to so how is it doing that.

The only solution for me was to Hard Code the base href to

Where are you setting the base HREF? in the routes.cfm?

Also, if you go to it does not append the www to it. I would recommend that you setup a rule to always show the www in the URL.

Yes, but that is allowable Luis. Because that is now best practice, and has been for a long time.

Google and my Admin are the key issue here, and they don’t know me by any other method. So to give you an example of the problem.

  1. I type into the URL and then view the source of the page the href is set as

  2. Enter the password and you are thrown out of the cbadmin because now the cookie, is set to use and thinks I am no longer logged in.

  3. I am forced to login with the without the www unless I hardcode the base href

And like I said I have seen the same behavior when inde.cfm is appended to the url, when I am timed out of the dashboard and have to log back in. They have to be related as both are using the SES, and is the only place that setBaseURL and getBaseURL are being used and manipulated.

As for the routes, this is unchanged and is defined to whatever ContentBox is set to use, minus the index.cfm because I am using SES urls. Which is the following minus the comments.

if( len(getSetting(‘AppMapping’) ) lte 1){


The only other thing I can think of is that I am using Helicon mod rewrite, but I doubt that is the issue because I am sure I would be seeing it with other sites.

it has me stumped because I can’t see what could be changing this.

Hmm, I would to either of the following.

Consolidate on using one fully qualified domain.

Use an interceptor that changes the base URL according to what the requested visit is.

Also, the cookies should be domain based, so not sure why it would create two for www or for non www.


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Neither do I, it just seems to that when I type and try to login I am pushed back to with the login again. So I am assuming it is cookie based.


Actually come to think about it, the problem with the rss feed happened around the same time I noticed this happening. Please remember it went away once before and then just returned out of the blue, is there any chance it might be a leak or race condition when someone is browsing the site with and then it is being set to that until the server is shutdown and rebooted?