Problems with ColdBox 2.6.4 and AntiSamy not loading

Ok I have tracked it down to this line of code in Mark’s JavaLoader, this appears to be a security permission issue and my only problem now is what is needed to be changed to get this to work. My line of thinking is that it is not ColdFusion SandBoxing because I can’t duplicate it here, but what I am thinking is a file permission at the operating system level, at a guess I think this might be it.

If anyone has any ideas what else I could try to fix it please let me know.


Andrew Scott

Looks like they have disabled access to internal cf classes.

Javaloader should work around that. You may need to reset the sever scoped instance if they just turned it on without restarting the server.


Mark, yeah that is a definite on that. But I have SandBoxed it here to mimic that as well and I haven’t a problem with it here.

Now what is even stranger is I have a domain and a subdomain off this on my host, now here is the kicker on the sub domain I actually don’t have a problem with this. Yet on the main domain I do, and the only difference that I can tell you is that one is running ColdBox 2.6.4, the site that works is ColdBox 3.0 and that is what has stumped me the most.

I even thought it might be a clash between the two version of JavaLoader being loaded into the server scope, but it appears to not even be getting to that point.

So I am leaning towards actual file permissions, but I am still not sure on that either.


Andrew Scott