Product Catalogue?


Has anyone used ContentBox to create a product catalogue or is that something I’ll have to do in regular ColdBox?

If the later, how do you display db driven content created outside of ContentBox into a ContentBox CMS page?


Hey Richard,

The answer is as simple as what you would more prefer.

As with any other CMS, ContentBox has the ability to work with anything you throw at it. The problem is knowing how.

One of the things I was hoping with future versions of ContentBox, was that a theme could be contained to run, with widgets, and other things as a self contained unit, or module as ContentBox sees layouts.

But with a small amount of work, you can do what you require. I have been in the process of writing a lot of ContentBox modules, where I have added admin sections to the dashboard of ContentBox. So that I can control how things are displayed, and by providing widgets to help with the layout of the site.

With your example, adding a section to the DashBoard and Admin Menus, you can provide an interface to maintain your products, then you can provide widgets to display this data to the user on the front end.

If you want to see some examples, contact me off list and I’ll show you some of my unfinished work. To give you an idea on what can easily be done.

Thanks Andrew, that’s reassuring.

I’ll drop you a line…