Project RFP


I am acting as liaison between a small group of entrepreneurs and the individual who will be creating the app described below. Due to the sensitive nature of the project, I cannot divulge any detail at this time beyond a list of general functionality that needs to be part of the final product. Because this RFP’s description is somewhat generic, I understand that responses to it will be ballpark estimates, and that a more specific proposal will follow once an NDA has been signed and the full project details divulged. So for now, if what you read below interests you and you feel like you could “probably” complete the work within the course of not more than 3 months, I look forward to your thought on what you think you would charge to build it!


  • · Basic app security (login/out, user roles/permissions/groups);

  • · Ability for users to self-register;

  • · Ability for user to add/edit/delete items;

  • · (Items will be entities that have a single level of associated attributes. Items will also be associated one to many with categories);

  • · Ability for users to search and view items;

  • · Ability for users to collect items in a persistence layer (session, etc.);

  • · Incorporation of PayPal IPN;

  • · Ability for the system to send email notifications to users and admins

  • · Ability for users to manage photos associated with an item (upload/caption/replace/delete);

  • · Admin access to administer users;

  • · Admin access to basic reporting;

Additional Details

  • · Starter HTML/CSS mockup will be provided, but will need to be expanded/built out to accommodate the app;

  • · No db schema will be provided. You will design the schema as you go, using MySQL

  • · App will be built in CFML using your favorite flavor of MVC framework

  • · You will be expected to attend and participate in semi monthly conference calls (or in person if you’re able), typically held on a Saturday morning (9am) and lasting not more than 1.5 hours.

Okay, hopefully this is enough information to at least help you decide if you’re up for such a project and can commit enough “after day job” hours to produce an outstanding product! If you are interested, what I need from you right now is your best guestimate of how much cash you would require to work your magic for the group I represent. Send me that number, along with your contact info and any questions you have, and we’ll take it to the next level!

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Is this RFP still open for submission?

Yes sir, still open