proper way to reinit using fwreinit

I want to access the fwreinit url param inside of other functions i.e.
to reset various cbstorage session params. what is the best practice
to accomplish this, or should I merely check for isdefined
url.fwreinit and pass in the function. to me that sounds like a bad
practice and should be centralized but I wasn't sure.

thank you everyone,


Could you just call a function to do all your resetting in your Main.onAppInit event? (And make sure this event is set up to get fired by ColdBox using applicationStartHandler = "main.onAppInit").

Just make sure the function is safe to run on clean startups as well (i.e. after a server restart vs. a fwreinit=1).


The SessionStorage plugin has a method called "clearAll() I believe
that you can use to clear those vars. Check the docs under
SessionStorge in the plugins section.

Use the onReinit interception point. This fires whenever a reinit takes place in the application.

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