Proxy Error

Hello Everyone,
I am building a LOB application with a flex/mate front end, but am
having some troubles getting the proxy class to work correctly. I keep
getting this error back from coldbox/coldfusion:

Did you setup an AppMapping in your ColdBox Application.cfc

This is needed so flash remoting can now where your locations are:

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Thanks Luis,
I did some troubleshooting after I made adjustments to the appMapping
setting in the xml and cfc file. I have hardcoded the event handler
I'm trying to reach by setting <cfset arguments.event =
"FlexMain.getSession">. Now, I'm not passing any arguments to the
proxy.process() in an attempt to isolate where the trouble is. I'm
still coming up with a request for a controller argument, so I'm
leaning more in the direction that I still have something fouled in my
event handler. Since switching from wheels, it is taking me a little
getting used to how things are done in these neck of the woods! Thanks
for responding and I'll post back when I get it worked out :slight_smile:


Sure i would be very interested in your experience so we can document it and help other folk.

Also what version of coldbox are you on. I would suggest using the configuration Cfc instead of XML

Hello Luis,
I'm using the latest download. I used the dashboard to configure this
app and it installed with both an xml and a cfc file. I wasn't sure
what to use, so I configured both.
By the way, great job on the book. I bought a copy to give me a
jumpstart with setting up the proxy, though it seemed to be written
for the 2.x version. You'll probably see me in the group quite a bit.
I still need to build AES security in and a ton of other contorl plane
functions to get my app up and running. Thanks again for the great
framework. And, thank you for sharing your faith in the book; it is
very inspiring!

Ahh ok. Yes if the cfc is there then it takes precedence. Use that. Instead. The only trick I have seen with flex/air applications is that you need the app mapping if the app is embedded in a folder. That means that your app is not in the / root. Maybe something like /myflexapp. Then you need the app mapping. Else all should be good.

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