Question about Coldbox VMware image

Hi all,

I have a question for you that is slightly off-topic, but is has been
driving me crazy all day...

I have downloaded the VMWare image from Luis with Ubuntu, Apache,
Coldbox and Railo. I have it installed in my VMWare Fusion program and
it is serving up Railo and CFM pages just fine.

The problem is, I use a shared directory on mu Mac where I hold all
the code and have setup apache to use that mounted directory. There is
no problem with the CFM but no static files (css, js, images) is being
server. Apache says it can't find the files.

I have looked at the rights but since it is a shared drive I can't
seem to change the owner to the www-data user. Don't know if that is
the problem, though.

Does anyone have experience with this setup? What do I have to do to
let apache serve up the images?

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Did you check the permissions?
Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Yes, the permissions were fine. Got it working though, it turns out
there was an error in the Apache Virtual Host, so he really couldn't
find the images and css.

I have finally got my perfect development environment.