Quick Save and Draft publishes immediately

Hi All,

Has anyone seen a situation where clicking Quick Save, Save or Draft actually publishes the changes immediately? Is there some setting I’m not aware of? We are running ContentBox on ColdBox 3.7.0 utilizing a Railo / MySQL stack.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t get this when saving a new page or blog post, but it is an intentional (though perhaps unexpected) behavior when editing an existing piece of content. The thought is that if a piece of content is approved and published, but then someone goes and makes additional changes to it and wants to save them as a draft, the content is unpublished until that draft is finished and republished.

Soon we will be enhancing ContentBox to allow drafts to be saved without unpublishing the current content on the site.



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Hi Mark–

I setup the same version and tested, but was unable to reproduce your issue. Is this isolated to blog entries, pages, or both? And is there a pattern to when you notice this behavior?


Hi Joel (and Brad),

At this point is is isolated to updating pages. We aren’t using the blog functionality at this time. Anytime we go in and update a page and either do a Quick Save or Draft, it immediately shows up on the live site. I’m scratching my head on this one. I’m wondering if the roles and permissions have anything to do with it. For example if you are an Admin does the system automatically think, since you have the highest privileges that you want to publish?

Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.


Hi Brad,

Okay. After reading through your response more closely, I understand what you are saying. That will be a nice enhancement to have since we have several people contributing content but we want it to stay in draft mode until reviewed – while not updating the already published page until specifically published.