RAILO 3.3.0: key [SSLEVENTLIST] doesn't exist in struct (keys:)

Hi there,

Im moving a site from CF9 to Railo 3.3.0, the ssl interceptor, was
working just perfect in CF9
now im running with this issue:


Application Execution Exception
Error Type: expression : 0
Error Messages: key [SSLEVENTLIST] doesn't exist in struct (keys:)

The interceptor is declared in coldbox.cfc as:

I do not know if that was the issue, but in my ssl.cfc there was a

<cffunction name="isSSLRequired" access="public" returntype="boolean"
        <cfargument name="event" required="true">

        <cfset local = {
      isSSLRequired = false,
      currentEvent = LCASE( arguments.event.getCurrentEvent() ),
      currentHandler = LCASE( arguments.event.getCurrentHandler() ),
      sslEventList = LCASE( getProperty('sslEventList') ) ,
      whiteList = LCASE( getProperty('whiteList') )
    } />

  //**** more stuff ***//

        <cfreturn local.isSSLRequired />

I then replace the struct local inside that function to:

<cfset var local = StructNew() />
<cfset local.isSSLRequired = false />
<cfset local.currentEvent =
LCASE( arguments.event.getCurrentEvent()) />
<cfset local.currentHandler =
LCASE( arguments.event.getCurrentHandler()) />
<cfset local.sslEventList = LCASE( getProperty('sslEventList')) />
<cfset local.whiteList = LCASE( getProperty('whiteList')) />

Weird, but it seems to be working now, any explains?

Thanks in advance guys

Felipe Serrano