Railo & Latest Dev ColdBox


I’m still trying to track down this error.

Application Execution ExceptionError Type: expression : 0

Error Messages: No matching function member [method] for call with named arguments found, available function members are [append,avg,clear,contains,containsNoCase,delete,deleteAt,each,filter,find,findAll,findAllNoCase,findNoCase,first,indexExists,insertAt,isDefined,isEmpty,last,len,max,merge,mid,min,prep

It happens when I called [model]Service.save(entity=myEntity);

I tested it with ColdBox and without. Without ColdBox it saves the comment however with ColdBox I get method does not exists in arguments.

Here is the complete error message

Here is the source code with a clean checkout of Railo & ColdBox latest

Here is the non-coldbox version that works

It appears the problem has to do with the fact that arguments is not inheriting the method function. This works in Railo final but does not work in any Railo 4.x versions.

I’ve tested this on Windows, Mac & Linux all with the same problem.

I’m fairly confident this is a Railo issue but I have no idea what to tell them to get it fixed.

Jeremy R. DeYoung


Yes this is a Railo issue reported and Micha resolved already. They should have a patch coming soon