Railo argument casing issue

For what it’s worth, I started this discussion on the Railo list about the Railo bug that Jim and Tom reported:

In the mean time, we still need to change at least three places in the admin where we pass in an argument of “isApproved” to declare an struct first, set in the isApproved key using array notation and then pass in that struct as the argument collection as Jim pointed out.

prc.args = {}
prc.args[“isApproved”] = true;
prc.commentsApprovedCount = commentService.countWhere(argumentCollection=prc.args);

I can submit a pull request, but I don’t have ContentBox forked and checked out locally yet.




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I’m still seeing this when trying log into the admin.

Oops! Exception Encountered

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: ORMService.MaybeInvalidParamCaseException : [N/A]
Error Messages: A null pointer exception occurred when running the count
The most likely reason is that the keys in the passed in structure need to be case sensitive. Passed Keys=ISAPPROVED
Tag Context:
ID: ??
LINE: 10
Template: C:\server\tomcat\railo\railo-server\context\library\function\throw.cfm
ID: ??
LINE: 792
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\coldbox\system\orm\hibernate\BaseORMService.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 133
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\coldbox\system\orm\hibernate\VirtualEntityService.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 41
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\modules\contentbox-admin\handlers\dashboard.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 698
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\coldbox\system\web\Controller.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 583
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\coldbox\system\web\Controller.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 223
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc
ID: ??
LINE: 76
Template: C:\server\sites\blog\ROOT\Application.cfc