Random AutoWire error

Since upgrading to CB 3.0 final I've been seeing the following error
in my local environment and I'm not entirely sure why. Has anyone
encountered this same error?

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: Autowire.AutowireException : [N/A]
Error Messages: Error autowiring handlers.lists.main. Could not find
the ColdFusion component or interface /Library/WebServer/Documents/
system/plugins/Utilities.cfc. Ensure that the name is correct and that
the component or interface exists.

It's completely random and can happen anywhere in the application. If
I reload the framework the error disappears.

I'm running CF 9 with JBoss inside of eclipse, so I'm not sure if it
could be something with that set up or not. I don't remember seeing
this come up when I was running the M5 version of ColdBox 3.0 which is
what I recently upgraded from.

I can post the full dump of the error if needed.