RC not found in CFLAYOUT

I have a view where I can see an object I placed in the rc at the top of the page. But I need it inside a cflayout in one of the tabs. When I click on the tab, the object is not found.

Is this the issue documented here regarding CF 8 and some of these EXT JS tags?


Looks like I might need to try using the coldboxproxy if so for a potential workaround.


Hi Dan,

I am not so familiar with the coldfusion ajax or UI tags. However, is there a sample you can post here so we can take a crack at it?


Guess i kind of makes sense since the source of the layoutarea is an ajax call to a view file and does not go through CB.


If it's an Ajax call, make sure you included the proper js/css files
in the main page.


I would think that if you need the RequestCollection available, you're
going to have to go through a CB handler to instantiate an Event. So
the source for cflayoutarea should be something like

And then in admin.clientDetail, you'd suppress the layout, grab the
data you need, then user renderView to return the html/js you need for


Makes sense Judah, I will give it a go - thanks.


Gave this a go and have not been able to fit it together. The source
of the layoutare is an event like suggested, but how will that make
the rc available to use renderView() in the layout area. I can use
renderData to return the data via the ajax call, but have not been
able to determine how I can get the view in.