RE: ARE: [coldbox:15586] [ Contentbox 1.0.6 - Coldbox 3.5.1 ] Page/Post not saving

Hmm, I’m not sure. That error sounds like the issue we fixed yesterday. Remember, the ContentBox download comes with a coldbox folder in the root. If you put a ColdBox download in a separate folder with a CF mapping, it might be ignored in favor of the local coldbox folder.

I guess most of this is moot anyway though. Even though we fixed that one Railo issue yesterday, there are other ORM-related bugs in Railo that prevent ContentBox from working as well. For now, you will need to use ContentBox on Adobe CF until we can get those issues resolved with the Railo team.

Also, there is a ContentBox mailing list that might be able to give you better help. I’ll send you an invite.!forum/contentbox



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Thank you Brad :wink: I’ll keep it going!