RE: [coldbox:10861] Using Layout/View args in 3.1

Shouldn’t you be dumping out #args#, not #arguments#?


Hi Brad,

Yes. I was merely dumping out the entire arguments stack to see what was within, which indicated an argument called “args”, which was an empty struct.

If just dump out “args”, it is an empty struct despite passing a struct in.


I see your error.

Well, the problem.

Here is the thing. The args when calling renderLayout() are just for the layout. They do not pass to the view unless you pass them via the embedded “renderView()” in your layout.

If you pass the args when calling renderView() then you are fine. So the issue is you are doing a render of a layout/view combo here.

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But the args dump a an empty struct in the layout as well. Should that be the case?

Nolan Dubeau

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