RE: [coldbox:10890] TDD, BDD & Coldbox

You basically just described what we are WANTING to finally get set up at my job. I think that might make en excellent ColdBox Connection topic. Continuous Integration/Continunous Delibery is a very intersting topic that the CF world is still sort of dragging ourselves into it seems.


Like everything Aaron we always seem to be last, but then we are only a tag based language aren’t we…

Sorry couldn’t resist on that, but I agree it would make an interesting topic/connect session.

Man, this is some GREAT information. I've got a lot of reading to
do. Good thing my Galaxy tablet gets delivered today :wink:

I'm not familiar with ANT so I'll have to read up on that and how it
will help me.

Thanks gang...and keep it coming.

Ant is like Rake on Ruby.

On Rake you use Ruby to define tasks and on Rant, you create XML based rules which are defined specifically on Ant world to do some common tasks.

Ant is very powerful for many things, even version controlling your database with liquibase and others. I wrote a blog on how to use it with redgate a few years ago.

ANT, being XML-based, is very good for defining discrete steps and
chaining them. Because it's been around a long time, there are a lot
of things already built for you and available out in the world at
large. However, being XML-based, it isn't always the most flexible and
obvious if you are trying to do a lot of codeish things, like nested
ifs, things based on regexes and substrings, etc. You can usually
still do it but it will take more work.

It works great though for a basic build system. I have ANT tasks set
up to build my project and do things like not include the config files
in a normal build unless I specifically change something in the
config, to not include my test directory or log files, to tag the code
in Mercurial and push those changes, etc. Good stuff.


I would also recommend gant if you are not into the XML an prefer a groovy based dsl language.