RE: [coldbox:11077] Anyone done any FaceBook apps in ColdBox

Cheers Brad,

I sort of figured that the site had to be my domain, after reading up on it a bit more. Which you clearly confirmed as well.

I am using the facebook sdk on ria forge, it seems to be the most up to date and the author does respond to your emails. Which was a winner for me, but he doesn’t know ColdBox so I asked in here to before bugging him.

From what I can see once you allow the application, you are authenticated as all my tests have now shown. If I remove the app and run it again I am challenged to allow it again, when I do allow it and browse to the app from the tab navigation from FaceBook, I do get authenticated and I can see the user session.

I was almost thinking that I still have to do a redirect back to the app, but as I am not using the JS method I am wondering if that might be a better solution.


Andrew Scott