RE: [coldbox:11090] Coldbox Uploadify issue

If you’re blindly pasting in code hoping to fix an unknown problem, I can’t help you much further.

I assume you have control over the application which is being accessed by the uploadify script. You need to confirm where it is redirecting to and why. For all we know, it is an SSL interceptor or some other construct entirely.



here is the code for uploadify that I ma using

uploader: ‘/includes/javascript/uploadify/uploadify.swf’,
folder: ‘/clientAssets/images/’,
cancelImg: ‘/includes/javascript/uploadify/cancel.png’,
expressInstall : ‘/includes/javascript/uploadify/expressInstall.swf’,

scriptAccess: ‘always’,
multi: true,
auto: false,
buttonText : ‘Select An Image’,
removeCompleted : true,
script: ‘index.cfm?event=handlerName.function’,
scriptData: {
CFID: ‘#cookie.CFID#’,
cftoken: ‘#cookie.cftoken#’
fileDesc: ‘Image files’,
fileExt: ‘.jpg;.jpeg;.gif;.png;*.ico’,
//simUploadLimit : 5,
//rollover: true,
onAllComplete: ‘showFinishedLink’,
//remove the comments as needed
onCheck: function(event,data,key) {
$(’#uploadify’ + key).find(’.percentage’).text(’ - Exists’);

onError: function (a, b, c, d) {
alert("Error: “+d.type+”, ";

onAllComplete: function(event, data) {
$(’#message’).html(‘Files uploaded successfully.’).fadeIn(‘slow’, function() { setTimeout(’$("#message").fadeOut(“slow”);’, 3000); });

The function is really just doing the file upload. I am just trying to understand the concept behind it

Also I am behind the login , but when i do the upload I don’t get bounce back I am staying on the same page but get the error message