RE: [coldbox:11093] Coldbox Uploadify issue

That JavaScript dynamically includes a SWF movie, which makes an HTTP post to the server to upload the file. That HTTP post is analogous to an ajax call made by JavaScript.

The request sent by the flash movie is what is receiving the 302 status code back from the server. The uploadfy SWF file doesn’t know what to do so it throws an error.

I would recommend using Fiddler to sniff out the upload request. The response will have a “location” header which is where the server is telling the client to go. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to determine where the server is trying to redirect you to and why.



I found one place in interceptors where the redirect is actually written SetNextEvent , but it is a conditional statement so in my case should not happened and it does not. However, if I remove this SetNextEvent then the upload works like a charm