RE: [coldbox:11449] Session Variables getting trashed

Ok Brad, let me be a bit more specific now I have had some sleep.

I have a section of code that has a query returned for a specific page, for it to work the way it needs to work the query needed to be stored in the session. If the user then left this page I was then using an interceptor to clear the session.

So what was happening was that I noticed the session was not being held, further tracking I thought it might have been the isQuery doing this, but later found it to be in the interceptor.

So what I did was this.

if(rc.event != ‘general.viewSuppliersByCategory’) {
sessionStorage.setVar(‘ServiceQuery’, ‘’);

Now I might be going crazy but I found some issues here, that I can’t explain. First was that the event sometime had the value of an image as he handler. Meaning that it was trying to run an even with image.

So to further track this I put an else if condition and if the event contained image it was suppose to abort the process. Which it never did, so I ended up logging the event.

Now when I did this I began to get a hell of a lot of logging exception errors, that have been mentioned before. Which Luis does know about and seems to be related to threading so I am not worried about that as a refresh did fix it.

But what I am concerned about it is how that rule in the rewrite rules, is somehow getting through to ColdBox. The page in question has randomly loaded images, and not one of them do not have an extension that is not covered in the rewrite rule.

So after a long day of trying to find this, I was very tired when I posted in here. But still no closer to why this is happening.