RE: [coldbox:11777] Wirebox Mapping DSL - dependencies not injected when using toProivder() or toFactoryMethod()?

I won’t claim that I followed 100% of that, but does the lack of autowiring have anything with do with the fact that you have noAutoWire() in the DSL which tells WireBox not to inject any dependencies the object prior to returning it.


Hi Brad,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm using the Mapping DSL in the config binder to describe the
dependencies; therefore, turned autowire off to avoid the metadata
inspection overhead (per,
in case you're wondering how I came to this decision). DI is working
with noAutowire() set for all other objects...

Would the behavior be different in this case? Incidentally, I am using
Wirebox 1.2 standalone, as a temp solution before transitioning to
Coldbox, and the autowiring (e.g. not using the noAutowire() or
property() method calls and using cfproperty to describe dependencies
instead of the mapping DSL) doesn't seems to be working when I try

I'm sure I am misunderstanding something somewhere. Any insight