RE: [coldbox:11824] Case Sensitive File Systems and Views

For what it’s worth, yes, ColdBox could be modified to operate in such a manner that case-sensitivity was not an issue when using the cfinclude tag (which is used for rendering views and other things). While it may increase the convenience of ColdBox to not have to worry about case issues as much, I don’t know if it’s worth it. There would be performance concerns. Currently ColdBox uses fileExists() to look for views. That would have to be replaced with a series of cfdirectory commands and then some query of queries possible to “look” for the file.


Indeed you could read the entire directory and use query of queries to compare the filenames in cf… But that would cause tremendous overhead. For small projects it would be ok, but for big projects? What if there are hundreds of files in the folder? I don’t think it would be feasable.


And in the philosophy of convention over configuration… Convention should in fact dictate the case of your file names.