RE: [coldbox:12139] populateModel & Autosaving

You know, on this topic but still mostly un-related I’ve always wished I could have some sort of transactional ability with complex variables in CF where all the changes made to an object could be rolled back as if you’d never made them. This could have many uses (such as validation) but my specific use case would be for when I save an object inside a DB transaction (custom ORM, not hibernate) and the save method also alters the object. If I rollback the transaction, the DB changes all disappear, but the object in session has now been altered as though it was saved and there is no way to “roll it back” too.


I could see some advantages to that, but I guess it would never happen as core CF though.

I have been asking for almost 10 years or whenever cfimport was being first discussed for inclusion, on how nice it would be to do this