RE: [coldbox:12451] How can I get this error into the exception bean?

On a side note, turn off execution times in the ColdFusion debugging. That will significantly impact your performance.

I’m not sure if I completely follow your question. If an error is being thrown from inside a handler, the error should trigger the standard ColdBox error handling (unless you are try/catching it yourself). Where/how are you trying to deal with the error? In you onExceptionHandler, or an onException interception point? The handler will get the exception bean passed into it and the interecptor should get the cfcatch struct (not sure why those two get different stuff though). Do you need an exception bean specifically (i.e. an instance of the coldbox.system.web.context.ExceptionBean component), or are you just trying to figure out how error handling works in general?

Perhaps you can elaborate on what you are trying to achieve and what issue you are encountering.


  1. I am trying to get the error handling in general and
  2. I am trying to get more information for the other developers and I.
  3. We feel that we are missing even the old ColdFusion errors at this point. I even made a test page to call objects and anything I can from outside of ColdBox.
  4. When I get it figured out I would of course like to hide the standard errors from the customer but keep a record of them and email us everything I can so I can figure out what is wrong.

Sorry to be so vague but I need to get it working and then maybe the details I worry about will become clear to me.

If someone could make a sample coldbox app that has an example of each of these errors and have it being caught would be nice. I would do it but I cannot get it to work.