RE: [coldbox:12512] Re: Logbox question

Glad you got that sorted. The error levels have always seemed backwards to me since I think of “debug” as the “lowest” severity and “Fatal” has the “highest” severity. Ironically, hwoever, they’re opposite and the number gets lower the more severe it is.

this.FATAL = 0;
this.ERROR = 1;
this.WARN = 2;
this.INFO = 3;
this.DEBUG = 4;



So does root overwrite even the appender level? In my example here I want anything that doesn’t define a min/max (rollingFile) to use the roots min/max FATAL/WARN. In the case of the coldboxTracer though I want to output everything. With root set to WARN I don’t see anything in the tracer.

appenders = {
coldboxTracer = {
levelMin = “FATAL”,
levelMax = “DEBUG”
emailAppender = {
properties = {
from = “”,
to = “”,
subject = “Device Matrix”
rollingFileAppender = {
properties = {
filepath = “/dm/logs”,
filename = “dm”

// root Logger
root = { levelmin=“FATAL”, levelmax=“WARN”, appenders="*" }

I can see already a way to do this is setting the root from FATAL-DEBUG and restricting access by appender but I just thought that above would work.