RE: [coldbox:12633] Re: Issues running a CB 3.1 app in a subdir of main site

Well actually, app mapping is now deprecated as the framework tries to figure it out for you. In general that works unless you try to reinit the framework on a call to a file other than something in the app root (like a proxy) There’s a COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING variable in Application.cfc if you’re having issues bootstrapping, but I don’t want to send you off on a wild goose chase since I don’t actually have any reason to believe that is related to your issue. It’s just the first thing I thought of when you said it works in the web root, but not in a sub folder.

Are you getting any errors at all, or are your preHandler() methods just silently being ignored.

Another thing to check is if your mappings are correct. i.e., do you have a mapping for “coldbox” or is it just in the web root?



The preHanders are totally ignored. I threw aborts in there and they
were ignored. So an error does get thrown because I'm initializing a
variable in the preHandler.

And I do map /coldbox to the appropriate dir. I have quite a few CB
3.1 apps on this machine in various states of development. :slight_smile:


that doesn’t seem right, something else is amiss there of why a preHandler() would be ignored.

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I’ve seen similar strange behavior where dumps/aborts get ignored when using implicit structs within arguments for a function.