RE: [coldbox:12777] Re: Session and Client variables disappear when using setNextEvent COLDBOX 2.6

Actually, I shouldn’t have mentioned the JSessionID. That is expected to be different per instance. Back in the days of CFID and CFToken you could pass them along in the URL and the server would just blindly use whatever you told it. Not so with JSessionID, each instance will generate its own.

No matter though, the client storage uses CFID, CFToken and the ColdFusion application name only as the unique key.

When you clear out the client storage tables and hit the redirect, do you have one or two records in your database? Also, make sure that ALL instances in your cluster are using the same client store settings. If one of them is set to use registry or something, that would screw it up.

And one more note-- I mentioned the CF application name has to be the same. Watch out for that since ColdBox defaults to an app name which is the hashed file path to your Application.cfc file. This totally bit me the other day where one of my servers was dropping client variables. The file systems matched on each of my windows servers, but one of the servers had an upper case folder name which generated a different hash, which meant the application name was different, which meant it had a “separate” client store. Very tricky indeed. I figured it out when I cleared out the client store database and saw that two separate records were being inserted for the same CFID and CFToken, but with a different app name.



WOW! I think that can be the problem. Very tricky you right!.

I am going to run some tests to see if that is the problem... Thank
you Brad! I really appreciate your help. I will get back with u as
soon as I get the test results with the info you gave me :).

Hello Brad,
It has been a while. Just giving a little feed back about the problem.
OK I added this setting to the aplication cfc <cfset
this.setdomaincookies = "True"> and changed the application name
using a static value instead of using hashed file path and released
the application. It has been working fine! Thanks for all your help..
one of the best things about coldbox is the support team! Thanks again