RE: [coldbox:12862] getWireBox instance call from onLoad in a module

The DSL is looking for an object named “Transfer” in a CacheBox cache called “default”.
I’m not familiar with TransferLoader, but does it create that “Transfer” object in CacheBox’s “default” cache?


Hmmm not sure…

This ( is the approach that we’ve previously uses.

The “Define the coldbox factory helper” xml lived in ColdSpring, but having removed ColdSpring from the equation these beans aren’t defined. I kind of assumed that these were now being created automagically in some way care of WireBox. It certainly seems like that given all works fine from within the context of calling an event, rather than loading the modules.

Am I going about loading Transfer in the wrong way with the advent of Wirebox etc? Should I just be pointing Wirebox at the transfer mapping or something?


My opinion would be to use wirebox to load transfer and not the interceptor. Just a simple mapping anyways.

This is probably a daft question, but how do I do that?