RE: [coldbox:12906] Coldbox and DB Size/Complexity

Ditto. I don’t see how the size or complexity of the DB would have a direct correlation to framework choice.

> my boss is concerned about how CB will perform with a large complex DB (lots of tables, lots of joins, lots of records).

I would be more concerned with how well your database server will perform with a large complex DB.

If you are worried about high availability, ColdBox is very fast on it’s own and it used for some rather large sites handling a good deal of traffic such as

There’s a larger (but slightly out-of-date) list here:

Point being, if you have a very complex site, ColdBox will not be what it slowing you down.



Hi guys,

The only thing I could think of that may limit the performance with large and complex DBs would be the use of hibernate… If you use normal SQL queries (for me still the preferred method) you would only be limited by your own knowledge of optimising queries, indexes… CB does offer hibernate as a possible tool, but it does in no way promote the use of it per se.

Just my two cents…

Yeah, I didn't think there would be and that the limitation wouldn't
be with CB, but I wanted to be able to say I did my due diligence and
show him not only large sites using it, but also feedback from the

Thanks so much