RE: [coldbox:12915] Error after upgrading to 3.5Beta

That means that you have asked WireBox to retrieve a dependency that it can’t find.
Somewhere in your site (probably a cfproperty in a component, you are asking WireBox to resolve the DSL “model:productService” and set it into a variable called sortimentService. Quite possibly, like so:

What version of ColdBox are you upgrading from? Were you using WireBox before, or the old Bean Factory. (If you’re still using /config/ModelMappings.cfm, then you’re still using the legacy BeanFactory)

Show us the parts of your ColdBox config file (/config/ColdBox.cfc) that have the wirebox struct. Also, show us your /config/WireBox.cfc file if it exists. (If it doesn’t, that’s possibly part of your problem)




You're right; in my my components, I have
<cfproperty name="sortimentService" inject="model:productService"
scope="instance" /> in the constructor and then I use

<cfset instance.sortimentService.getData() /> in the methods/functions
inside that component.

Everything works fine with 3.1, it looks like I was not actually using
WireBox before. I have a "config/ModelMappings.cfm", but it's actually
not used/empty. I actually don't have a WireBox.cfc, but I use the
Autowire Interceptor in my ColdBox.cfc:
interceptors = [

Is there an "easy way" to switch to Wirebox, so that I still can use
"<cfset instance.sortimentService.getData() />" in all my handlers/