RE: [coldbox:13249] SSL Interceptor

Since your custom request context doesn’t actually extend the base one there is no “super” scope. It “wraps” the original context. You can pass along execution to the original method by accessing the original requestContext with getRequestContext().

So it would look something like this:

Hi Guys,

I know I am a bit late with this, but when I know I am building a website for SSL and my dev server does not use SSL then I add a setting in my coldbox.cfc

// production
settings = {
useSSL = true;

// environments

environments = {
development = “^

function development() {
settings.useSSL = false;

after that any call to:
html.buildLink(linkto = “someHandler.someEvent”, ssl = getSetting(useSSL));
setNextEvent(event = “someHandler.someEvent”, ssl = getSetting(useSSL) );

I know it does take some thinking upfront but it works for me.