RE: [coldbox:13376] Wirebox IntelliSence

I had it working on and off in CF Builder 1, but haven’t been able to get it going again in Builder 2.

When I did have it working, my CFCs were outside of my web root, so I had to create a linked resource folder in Builder in my project root that mapped to the root folder of my component paths.
i.e., if I mapped my components as cfc.ruceci.Discount.DiscountService, then I had to create a linked folder called “cfc” at the root of my project that pointed to the real cfc folder in order for Builder to “find” the components.

Then, right click on your project, and go to properties. Under “ColdFusion Variable Mappings”, I added a record for every CFC in my site times every scope I used them in. This only works if you use a consistent naming convention.

For instance, you tell Builder that every variable called “DiscountService” should be assumed to be an instance of cfc.ruceci.Discount.DiscountService. You also have to do rc.DiscountService, local.DiscountService, variables.DiscountService, etc for it to always recognize it. This meant I needed to add about 1,000 variable mappings. I wrote a script that interrogated WireBox for all of its mappings and dynamically built a giant chunk of XML that I simply pasted into settings.xml. (Sadly, I think I deleted it, but it wasn’t more than 30 lines of code)

After that, I could shift-click on component or method names to be taken to that file. Also, the methods would popup after I hit “.”

Well, at least I had it working for a while in Builder 1. I haven’t gotten it going again in Builder 2 and it’s rather frustrating to deal with since there is zero debugging info that I have found to tell WHY it’s not working.

Good luck and please share if you do get it working.



Thanks Brad,

I will give it a go and share the results.