RE: [coldbox:13611] Re: Issue with dependency injection in my handlers

I will see these sort of errors occasionally on my production servers (3.1) if I try to reinit them under load but I’ve never had a chance to dig in and see why.


They do appear to be completely random and it is possible that they
are happening during a reinit...


I have exactly the same issue.

My logs are filled with "Variable SessionStorage is undefined" (where I'm
injecting the SessionStorage plugin).

I'd be interested to hear a fix if you find it.

Hopefully I won't have to rewrite my entire application!


For plugins, I am leaning toward bagging the property injection and
just going with getPlugin('sessionstorage'). Unfortunately, I am going
to have to change this in hundreds of places. It makes sense that
injecting with a property would be problematic, because if I
understand correctly, plugins are not singletons (which are by default
placed in the application scope). I don't know if there is a way to
change this in a setting or something, but I am looking into that. I
think that possibly what is happening is that the plugins are dropping
and their references are pointing to now non-existent objects...

This is all pretty new to me, so I could be way off...

I get the same thing with other types too.

Looking in my logs, I also have

Variable DSN is undefined. (<cfproperty name="dsn"
inject="coldbox:datasource:mydatasource" />)

Which is just a coldbox setting......