RE: [coldbox:13759] model inject model dependency and ocm

Not just the standard debug. There’s a dumped struct in there too-- the one you dumped.

Did you expand the “instance” struct inside of variables to see what was in there? (namely your injected item)

Does the cache debug window show up when you are not aborting yourself? I didn’t mean for you to try and see the cache window AND dump and abort after the error at the same time.

You seemed to indicate that the debug window shows up when you’re not aborting. Did you look in the list of cache keys for your item to see if it is cached?



If I change the block of code to NOT use the injected OCM instance it works fine.

Yes, the debug shows up as normal, I figured out the abort was blocking it, and when I reviewed the cache objects (after sentence 1) it showed them as normal.

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