RE: [coldbox:15060] RE: [ColdBox 3.5 Final] Strange behaviors after upgrade

Luis, I’ve been hitting the sample apps as well as my company’s app on my stage box with jMeter all day long against bleeding edge and everything is running very smoothly with no signs of hung requests, queued threads, or high memory usage.

Ironically, at first I didn’t think your commit would fix it at first since you didn’t preface instance with “variables”, so I thought it would still "scope hunt’ on the line
instance = structnew();

That doesn’t seem to be the case though, and the addition of that line has prevented zip.cfc from trying to look through the CGI scope and hanging inside a cfthread.




Yes, the usage of “variables.” is unnecessary as that is the default implicit scope. It actually is much faster to NOT use it than to use it as if you do then ColdFusion looks for “” first.

I use it whenever I have the same variable name in either variables, local or arguments scope to distinguish them.

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