RE: [coldbox:15353] ColdBox/CF dummy question

rc.varname = tagstripper(‘Event.getValue(rc.varname)’)

Why do you have quotes around the “Event.getValue(rc.varname)” part. That would just pass in that string exactly and not actually execute the getValue() method.

none-the-less, does rc.varName contain the actual string you wish to pass into tagStripper, or does it contain the name of the variable in the request collection that contains the string you wish to pass in?

In other words,
event.getValue(rc.varName) != rc.varName
event.getValue(“varName”) == rc.varName



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sorry for being imprecise but i don't have access to cf now, of course You are right probably it would be sth like this
     rc.varname = tagstripper(event.getValue("varName")) or tagstripper('#event.getValue("varName")#')
     rc.varname = tagstripper(rc.varname) or tagstripper('#rc.varname#')

But the problem is that if You dump rc.varname in handler and add abort, proper value is returned.
But in second case, if You try to ececute rest of code, the error occures