RE: [coldbox:15575] [coldbox-buildID-201207161432] ContentBox contentversionservice

Yep, I just needed lunch. Turns out I had a validation failure on my form, but didn’t realize it. (We should probably make those a bit more obvious).

I confirmed that the specific error you were getting is due to the properties of the baseContent object not being properly inherited by the entry object in WireBox. I identified a Railo-specific bug in the bleeding edge of ColdBox due to case sensitivy issues between Adobe CF and Railo.

I’ll submit a fix for that, but unfortunatley like Luis said-- you’re sort of out of luck when it comes to using ContentBox on Railo right now. There are other errors later in the installer which make it impossible to run ContentBox on Railo due to some Railo ORM bugs.



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what’s the bug Brad?

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