RE: [coldbox:15578] [coldbox-buildID-201207161432] ContentBox contentversionservice

In ACF, the struct keys returned from getMetaData are upper case. In Railo, they are lower case. I had used listFind instead of listFindNoCase for performance.
I updated the unit tests too from the original pull request to run on Railo. The base component path in Railo is railo-context.component, not WEB-INF.cftags.component.

Also, I put in the fix for the mapping issue I E-mailed you about a few days ago that I assume was the issue you were having running the unit tests. The unit tests weren’t referring to class1 by its full path. (coldbox.testing.cases.core.util.class1)



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Thanks for all the investigation. I’ll take a look at using CF9.