RE: [coldbox:15682] Re: Strange error

Erik, you’ll need to read through the code to figure out what it’s doing.

To get you started, I’m guessing application.machine is a variable Aaron sets on his servers when the application starts up that stores the server name. If you only have one production server, then you can just remove that line. I have the following line in my onApplicationStart() that sets a similar variable, but in the server scope:

server.hostName = createObject(“java”, “”).localhost.getHostName();

The application.commonPassword variable appears to contain the password Aaron’s app uses to reinit ORM and ColdBox. You change that out for whatever value you to use to reinit. If you’re not using ORM, you can ommit those the ORM bits entirely.

For the rest, you’ll need to figure out what it’s doing. I’d start by identifying if you are using the no inheritance application.cfc or not.



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Thank you Brad I set these variables . And I hit an error here . Could not found this template because i do not have it . Also I set pplication.maintenanceFlag initiallly do false

Where this include supposed to go or I need to use path to debug.cfm or this portion can be ommited

Thank you

It still throwing an error first time around .